The Great War: a period of history most countries try to forget. Most written records from before the war were destroyed in the worldwide clash of magic and technology. Since its climactic and catastrophic end, the world was irrevocably changed. Its landscape and boundaries changed drastically. A bit over a century has passed since then and few things remain to mark the chaos that had gripped the world a century before. The governments that remained in power restructured themselves around naval power since many of the large land masses were shattered and the neutral waters of the world are patrolled by the neutral World Sea Confederation. Within the Confederation are also groups that quash those who would resurrect the high technology and magic that nearly destroyed the world in the Great War. However, there seems to be more trouble on the horizon. Privateering is on the rise, the unstable mana of the world is becoming more erratic, and many sovereign nations are growing wary of the increasing military might of the neutral Confederation. Where things are headed, nobody knows, but there are definitely stormy times ahead for the world of Eversea.

Dominion of Eversea